HERMES Black Boots

HERMES Black Boots


These unbelievable boots by Hermes are black leather with a super soft camel-color leather lining. At the top of each boot there is a removable piece of black suede. This suede piece is perforated with holes that shape an oval with the signature letter H in the middle. From the sole to the top of the boot it measures 16.5 inches on the outside of the leg, and one inch shorter on the inside. The flat heel measures one-half inch. 
Included are two large orange dust bags with the Hermes logo in the middle. Each bag measures 22.5 x 14 inches.

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Measurement Guide
It is important that you measure carefully to account for possible alterations, size variations, etc. Measure a garment of you own for comparison. The following is how we have measured each garment using inches:

Length: top of shoulder seam to bottom of hem
Skirt/Pants: top of waistline to hem
Shoulder: top of shoulder seam to top of other shoulder seam
Bust: front of garment, doubled
Waist: front of garment, doubled
Hips: front of garment, doubled
Sleeve: top of shoulder seam to end of sleeve
Inseam: inside seam of pants leg starting at crotch to bottom of hem

Size conversion chart:
American    Italian    French    German
2    36    34    32
4    38    36    34
6    40    38    36
8    42    40    38
10    44    42    40
12    46    44    42